If AI replaces my position do I need an attorney?

The rapid advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the workplace has become a topic of concern for many employees. As an employment and labor dispute attorney, it's important to address these concerns and provide guidance on what employees should do if they feel their job security is threatened or if they face unfair termination due [...]

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When Should I Talk to a Labor Dispute Attorney?

If you’re dealing with a conflict at work, you may be wondering when the right time is to take next steps. Situations such as wrongful termination, harassment, and wage disputes often require a labor dispute attorney to help them work through the situation. A labor attorney provides a variety of services to employees and employers [...]

Navigating the Shifting Landscape of Labor and Workplace Disputes in 2023

In the ever-evolving world of work, the year 2023 brings its own set of challenges and issues impacting labor and workplace disputes. As workers strive for fair treatment and employers grapple with new legal complexities, it becomes crucial to stay informed and seek professional guidance when faced with illegal terminations, workers' compensation disputes, and other [...]

When do I need an employment lawyer?

Have you experienced workplace harassment, wrongful termination, or workplace discrimination? An employment attorney can help employees and employers work together to reach a resolution and determine if you have a case. Luckily, the attorneys at East Tennessee Employment Law are experts in employment law and are ready to help you today. What do employment lawyers [...]

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Looking for a Knoxville Labor Dispute Attorney?

Harassment, discrimination and illegal termination in the workplace are very serious issues that require an experienced labor dispute and employment attorney to guide you through the process. East Tennessee Employment Law is Knoxville’s expert on state and federal labor laws. Our attorneys have several years of experience in employment and labor law and can help you every [...]

Talk With a Knoxville Unlawful Termination Attorney Today!

If you have recently lost your job and think that you have been fired for the wrong reasons, you may be entitled to financial compensation. Many people are victims of unlawful termination each year. Wrongful or unlawful termination is a complex situation, one that only an experienced attorney would be able to help you navigate. [...]

Navigating Workers’ Compensation in Tennessee

Have you been injured at work? An employee should report their work-related injury as soon as possible to their supervisor so the proper paperwork can be filed. Reporting it quickly also speeds up the handling of your claim. Below are some common questions about work related injuries and workers’ compensation: Can I be fired for [...]

Common Questions About Employment Discrimination

If you have believe you have been a victim of employment discrimination, you are not alone. Many people are discriminated against in the workplace based on race, sex, gender, religion, or other factors each year. The employment law attorneys at East Tennessee Employment Law in Knoxville are experienced in these types of cases and can [...]


EMPLOYMENT DISCRIMINATION 101 Employment discrimination can be difficult to pinpoint. In fact, not all workplace discrimination is illegal. If you think you have been a victim of workplace discrimination, our experienced attorneys can help you decide if you have an employment claim. Should I file a lawsuit if I think I have been discriminated against? [...]

Need a Knoxville, Tennessee Labor Dispute Attorney?

If you’re an employer dealing with a workplace dispute, hiring a labor attorney may be your next step. A labor attorney provides a variety of services to employees and employers and can be beneficial in explaining employment law.  Below are some of the most common questions clients ask about labor law. What does a labor [...]

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