Knoxville, TN Race Discrimination Lawyers

Federal law prohibits discrimination in the workplace based on a person’s race. This prohibition applies to decisions involving hiring, firing, demotion, promotion, pay, and other significant aspects of a person’s job.
A race discrimination case usually consists of three parts, called the “elements” of the claim. The employee must prove:

  1. That the employee is a member of a protected class (in this case, a minority group)
  2. That the employer took a materially adverse employment action against him/her
  3. That the employer would not have taken the action but for the employee’s race

Depending on the precise facts and claims, other factors may be required as well.

If you have specific questions about whether you have been the victim of race discrimination, call us or another experienced employment lawyer. For more general information, go the EEOC’s website,, which has information about all types of employment discrimination, retaliation, and harassment.