About our Firm

Your attorney must be more than a service provider. He or she must be your partner in whatever issue you’re facing. There must be a fit. To help you determine if we are a fit, here are a few things that define East Tennessee Employement Law:

  1. Inviting. We are located in a first floor, come-on-in office. No stuffy building. No elevators. No parking garage.
  2. Comfortable. Please accept our offer of coffee, hot chocolate, or a cold drink when you come to see us. And if we haven’t already devoured it, we’ll offer you a piece of chocolate too.
  3. Smiling. Our business is serious, but sometimes a laugh can go a long way.
  4. Honest. Some people say they appreciate honesty, but they don’t. We value honesty even when it hurts. Honesty is not always politically correct, and sometimes it carries us to uncomfortable places like religion, money, sex, and politics. These topics matter in life; they also matter in the law.
  5. Cooperative. Not everyone appreciates this approach. Some people want their attorney to be a bulldog all the time. Most often we try to start from a position of cooperation and compromise. It’s about strategy, efficiency, and effectiveness – not who can yell the loudest.
  6. Equipped. We work as a team. This gives our clients the benefit of several people’s input, perspective, and strategic ideas. But, we also make sure every member is prepared to lead. This way, clients are guaranteed individual attention when they need it.