Going through a separation or divorce can be hard on both your spouse and your family, not to mention having to fret about how well things are going to go for you in the courtroom. If you are leaving a long-term marriage, you have to consider various variables such as children, debts to be divided, etc. Selecting a good divorce attorney could directly result how you fair both financially and emotionally post-divorce.

Three things you should consider:

1. Communication: The most common complaint among clients is that they were unable to communicate with their attorney. As someone who is representing you – this can become a big burden. Having a divorce lawyer who is responsive to your questions, calls, request for meetings and emails is essential. Ask yourself a few questions:
a. Do you feel comfortable asking your lawyer questions or talking to them about your concerns?
b. Do you feel they will act as a true advocate on your behalf?
c. Are you confident in your attorney’s abilities?

2. Testimonials: Should you not have the time or resources to get to know your divorce attorney prior to signing a contract with them, testimonials can act as a good guide. Testimonials show how former clients felt about their experience with the divorce attorney in question and allow you a better idea of what working with them would be like.

3. Experience: Your divorce lawyer should have substantial experience with handling divorce cases. Their knowledge of past cases will work to your advantage. If you can find someone in your area, that would be recommended. Being located in your area will allow the divorce attorney to know what to expect from the judges in your jurisdiction – a possible game changer.

Having a divorce attorney you trust can make all the difference! Having someone to answer all your questions, foresee any complications, and provide knowledge on the judicial processes and system is just a few of the things a divorce attorney can assist you with. We here at East Tennessee Employment Law pride ourselves on being equipped, cooperative, honest, inviting and comfortable. We are here to guide you through this hard time while also acting as your true advocate. Contact us today!