Divorce can be a stressful, confusing, and emotional experience for everyone involved. It can be especially tough on kids, since there may be several new transitions that come with a divorce. As a parent working through the divorce yourself, it can be hard to prioritize your children’s needs. Below are 4 ways to make divorce easier for young children:

  1. Consider How You Will Tell Them About the Divorce

How you choose to tell your kids about divorce will make a big impact on their experience. It might be helpful to write down what you want to say before you have the conversation. Your divorce attorney can work with you on ways to start this conversation, as they are experienced handling many divorce cases with families.

  1. Avoid Emotional Topics

Try to avoid topics that will result in high tension or raised voices in front of kids. Those topics should be saved for private conversations between the couple. Anything that is a source of conflict for the couple may cause unnecessary stress for children if discussed around them.

  1. Support Your Children

During this time, you will need to be present for your children more than ever. Try to find ways to regularly check-in with your child and participate in activities with them. It may be awkward navigating a new schedule, but being there for your children during this time will help them through the process.

  1. Be Respectful of Your Child’s Feelings

Parents may have such strong emotions about the divorce that they invalidate or ignore the child’s emotions. It’s okay for your child to be sad, confused, or angry at the divorce, but making sure they feel seen and loved is crucial. Do your best to support them in every way you can during the divorce.

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