Deciding whether or not your situation entails hiring legal help can be paralyzing. Here are three determining factors that led others to hire a family lawyer:

Divorce Complications

Divorce can be a very emotionally difficult time for someone, even before considering the many moving pieces of divorce proceedings. Between assets, child support or alimony, hiring a family attorney can be very beneficial in keeping you “in the loop” and organized during your divorce proceeding. How long do divorce cases take? Does it matter who files first? What is the cost? Hiring a family lawyer gives you a resource for all your questions and ensures your rights are protected.

Settling Child Custody

Does custody always get awarded to the mother? What does a child custody case look like? These are common questions when beginning a child custody battle. Having a family lawyer answer these questions can serve as a valuable asset and get you ahead of the curve on any potential hiccups. Foreseeing complications and being aware of your solutions will ensure both you and your child have a smoother custody transition during such a stressful time.


How does a guardian get appointed? Are there different types of guardianship? Choosing a guardian for a family member can be a hard and lengthy process. Having a family lawyer assist you with managing paperwork can significantly ease the process. Guardianship can also have potential complications and lags if you don’t pay attention to details. Your attorney or lawyer acts as a safety gate, ensuring nothing goes out without being well reviewed